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About Us

Mauell Corporation is a leading manufacturer of control and instrumentation systems for the automation of power generating plants and distribution networks.

Mauell Corporation has the capacity to design, fabricate, construct, and install any control room needs. Our ability to engineer practical solutions within the control room has given great credibility to our design service offerings. We also have the ability to handle your construction management ensuring all design needs are addressed and your entire project is managed effectively. 




In 1971, Helmut Mauell GmbH commissioned the US operations (Mauell Corporation) in Wyckoff, New Jersey.

Initially, Mauell introduced the patented Mauell Mosaic Grid and Tile System for overview display and control applications.

As the popularity of the mapboard grid and tile system grew, Mauell broadened its product offering to include custom systems. To handle the increased demand, a larger production facility was required.


In 1982, the Mauell US operations broke ground for a state-of-the-art facility at our current location in Dillsburg, PA. A 32,000 square foot facility was erected to handle all aspects of the operation from sales and administration, right through engineering, manufacturing, staging and shipping.

1990s and beyond

Since the mid 1990s, Mauell has experienced extreme growth. Throughout this time period, Mauell began to broaden its expertise by engaging in the design and integration of rear projection video equipment, operator console systems and rail/transit hard control panels.


Our Approach

Our approach is simplistic, yet unique. We are engineers, fabricators, installers and customer service reps. If we’ve learned anything over the last forty years: it’s that no two customers operate the same way, even when trying to accomplish the same task.

For that reason, we are not cookie cutter designers or a widget manufacturer. We don’t have shelves stocked with consoles, or video cubes. What we have is a team of dedicated professionals that focus on solving operational issues within the control room environment. The end result is a purpose-built system that blends human factors engineering with existing or custom technology/products.

The ultimate success comes not from the project completion, but from the care and skill spent determining customer requirements, coordinating activities, building quality into the products and delivering satisfaction; the journey.